Crossing America by Bicycle for Veterans

This ride is to support and bring awareness to Veterans, seniors, mental health issues and people-based causes or projects in your community.


Build a disaster network, establish and operationalize a partnership for Denver Health Response


Align plans, policies, processes and procedures related to clinical excellence in disasters


Increase statewide and regional medical surge capacity


Improve statewide and regional situational awareness


Develop readiness metrics and conduct an exercise to test capabilities


Implementation, managing incidents, HIMS Unites real-time with hospital incident command system

The Mission

Please consider making a pledge/contribution to programs which you feel support my mission.  There are many organizations that support Veterans. The Veteran organizations links below will take you to those sites to donate. Other organizations I am familiar with which I know support my mission are Rotary Clubs, Optimist Clubs, Meals on Wheels, and The McKee Foundation. You can find the links to donate below. If there is an organization that you feel supports the mission of my ride, please consider a pledge or contribution to that organization.

The Trip

The ride will be approximately 3,186 miles which I plan on completing in 2½ to 3 months. The trip will span from the West coast of the country all the way to the East coast. Pledges for the trip can be donated as a flat amount, a per mile amount, or a per day amount. To make a pledge, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. To view the interactive route map, please click the button below.

About Bill

Bill was born in California, went to junior high and high school in New Jersey and came to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder. He found his home in Colorado. He entered the U.S. Army in 1968 where he was a sergeant with the paratroopers. After his honorable discharge in 1971, he went on to complete his college degree from the University of Denver with a major in math and a minor in education. He moved to Summit County in 1974 to become a math teacher at Summit High School. In 1996, Bill was elected to serve as county commissioner and held that office until 2007, when he assumed his duties as county treasurer and public trustee.

Bill has also worked as an architectural draftsperson and general contractor. Outside of the office Bill enjoys, bicycle riding (completed 3 Ride the Rockies bicycle tours), golfing (or as Mark Twain said, ruining a perfectly good walk), snow shoeing, cross country and alpine skiing, and vacations to places without snow. 

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Make A Pledge

If you would like to make a pledge, please fill out the form below indicating how much you wish to pledge and who you wish to make the pledge to. At the end of the adventure, I will update you with the final information so you can finalize your contribution. I will not be directly handling any contributions.