Day 65 – 4th of July

Have almost completed my ride across America, I find this 4th of July a day filled with reflections and emotions. It truly is a wonderful country we live in. We met a man this morning, Jan, from Belgium riding from New York, New York to Portland, Oregon. When I asked him “why,” his response was “because your country and people are so varied and so vast.” Yes, it is. Some fun, some challenging, some boring, and some fantastic vistas. Also wonderful, caring and interesting people. A few jerks thrown in just for good measure, but they were very few and far between. And I only cycled through the more central states.

We were close enough to home to spend the day with friends “on the mountain” outside of Drake, Colorado. Good people, good food and good conversation. Although I am anxious to complete this adventure, because of the amount of traffic encountered today, and what I figure will be on the road tomorrow, I think these are two good days to not ride.

Wednesday I’ll ride to Glen Echo, about halfway between Walden and home, leaving the last leg for Thursday. One more pass to climb, Cameron Pass. It looks like one of the tamer passes encountered on this journey, but we shall see.


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