Day 61 – A Vista; A Tribute; Connecting Dots; A Micro Canyon

Morning in Eastern Utah

It was a cool morning. I found a stillness and peacefulness in the buttes and mountains to come. Still a solitary feeling like through the basins of Nevada but with a feeling of breathing land.

Well, I’ll Be!

Another whole lane just for me! A good 7 miles of new pavement. For the most part, I was on fairly new roads today. Good shoulders with room to the right of the rumble strips. Still an issue with Kahlua in the coffee now and then.

My Last State!

As I came to the border of Colorado, I had a most unique feeling come over me. I felt as if I was in a real-life dot to dot puzzle and I was connecting the final dots to an adventuresome picture. I really am.

A Terrific Tribute

I saw this sign at the border of Utah and Colorado. I’m smiling from happiness that I was able to serve in the Armed Forces. At the same time, I’m feeling a sadness that I have fallen short in the fulfillment one of my missions for this trip. More on this in a future blog.

A Micro Canyon

The picture does not do justice to what I encountered for miles. This looked so much like a miniature Grand Canyon with canyon arms coming in to join the main canyon. Complete with a creek through the bottom.

Today’s ride was a good one. There were only periods of a headwind rather than hours on end. The climbs were long but tamed. Mostly 5-8 mph up the climb. The downside was tamer as well; 20-27 mph. Tomorrow it is on to Craig.


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