Day 62 – Western Foothills; An Interesting Ranch

A View of the Road Travelled

Atop one of the western foothill side climbs, I realized that the foothills on the western side of the Colorado Rockies are much different from the eastern side foothills. Ninety miles of tame grade rollers without much change in elevation. Good news for today – little wind and even a bit of tail wind. How lucky can a guy get?

Yes, Peacock

I’ve seen cattle ranches, bull riding stock ranches, sheep ranches, goat ranches and today, a peacock ranch. We thought this was a joke at first, then we heard the train rattle, commonly known as the peacock call. I really haven’t a clue if the owner raises peacocks or just has a couple to keep his other stock company.

Tomorrow headed to Steamboat Springs. Should be a fairly tame uphill grade without too many of the western foothill rollers.


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