Day 63 – Yampa Valley; A Homestead? Tracks, Road, River; Into the Rockies of Colorado

Yampa Valley

After leaving Craig, CO and doing a bit of climbing, the ride today took me into the Yampa Valley. Lush greenery, a blue river and a gorgeous day – especially on a bicycle.

A Homestead?

Remembering that I posted homesteads from the east, I thought only appropriate to post one that looks like a homestead in the west. Again, I wonder what its story is. I can sort of figure out that the roof is pitched so because of the snows in winter, but I find it curious that there is no visible fireplace.

Tracks, Road, River

A long cycle trip rider’s dream. If the road follows railroad tracks and a river, there just are not a lot of climbs!

Steamboat Springs Ski Runs

When I saw the ski runs of Steamboat Springs, I had an elated feeling of being closer to home — actually in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Of course, I’ll need to peddle over more than one pass to get to the other side.

A Water Slide

From a previous bicycle trip to Steamboat Springs with a friend involved with freestyle skiing, I found out that this is a slide made of a type of soft polyester bristles that when covered with water are slippery like snow. This is used by freestyle skiers to practice their jumps.

Tomorrow it’ll be up and over Rabbit Ears pass.


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